About Praetorian International


Cameron Duncan is the founder and CEO of Praetorian International. Our company is designed to help you meet your protection needs through our exclusive services.

Cameron has almost a decade of established experience in providing protection services for high-profile individuals. He was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and is a proud alumni of Ball State University. He then continued on to graduate from Gavin de Becker Institute which is a distinguished private security firm in California. After graduation, he went on to become an Executive Protection agent for the firm followed by working directly for a prominent client in Texas. Currently, Cameron has brought his vision to life by starting his own Executive Protection firm and using his vast knowledge and expertise to serve and protect his clients.

Protecting Prominent Clients

We deal with a range of prominent individuals in need of high-quality protection services. We offer bespoke protection solutions which are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We are incredibly passionate about protecting people and their assets whilst providing the most robust service that we possibly can.

Unique Security Services

We offer a unique kind of protection for clients with high-level requirements. When our clients choose us, they can rest assured that they’re opting for a highly professional executive protection company with years of knowledge and experience to draw upon. We also offer a concierge-level service that enables us to cater for every single one of our clients’ needs. 

Highly Trained and Fully Qualified Agents

You can be confident knowing all of our agents are fully qualified and highly trained to provide all of your protection needs. Each agent has numerous years of verifiable experience in the military, law enforcement, or the private sector along with extensive training in Executive Protection. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are also required for your safety and protection of privacy.

All-in-one concierge services

We provide an all-in-one concierge-level package to our clients, which include established businesses with C-suite executives as well as high-net-worth VIPs. We can provide secure transportation to and from residences, meetings and hotels, whilst also offering protection during domestic and international travel. We can provide body coverage on a full-time or part-time basis, or whenever you require it. As we offer concierge-level services, we can assist with logistics whilst providing executive protection services. This means we can assist our clients with the rental of transportation vehicles and the booking of hotels, dinner, events and more. 

World-class security consulting

Another valuable service that we offer is security consultation. We can use our many years of industry-leading experience to provide in-depth advice on protecting yourself, your people and your assets. Also available is detailed advice on risk assessments and threat assessments, both of which we can carry out. We can also conduct physical security services. This can be incredibly valuable when our clients plan to travel to high-risk countries. In this situation, we can carry out a threat assessment of the client’s destination and create an intelligence report that can then be reviewed. Clients can then decide whether they require body coverage, special transportation services and other facilities. 

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